Our potatoes

Delicious golden chips!

We obtain these long golden chips with a crispy outer layer and a soft core by using top-quality potatoes from Belgium, Holland, and Northern France. For these delicious chips, our suppliers selected the Innovator variety. This variety is known for its long tubers with soft flesh.

What potato variety do we use for our chips?

The only potato variety we use for our tasty chips is the Innovator. Its large size and soft flesh make it the perfect potato for us to make long, golden chips which are both soft and crispy.

Washed and peeled

Once the potatoes pass the rigorous selection process, they are accepted by our supplier, who first washes them in clear water. Subsequently, the potatoes are peeled using very high temperatures.

Is the freshness of the potatoes guaranteed?

The potatoes coming into the factory are washed, peeled, cut, blanched, pre-fried, frozen, and packaged. After only about 1 hour and 45 minutes, they're all set to leave the factory and be delivered to our restaurants.

Cut, blanched, and packaged

We propel our potatoes through a chip cutter at high speed to obtain the long chips you know so well. Then we blanch them to remove the excess natural sugars. The chips are then pre-fried, before being frozen and packaged. They are then shipped to our restaurants.

Vegetarian chips

To fry our chips, we use a quality mixture of colza and sunflower oil. 100% plant-based!

The chips

"Our quality potatoes and stringent production and preparation process ensure golden fries with a crispy crust and a soft core."

Mark Jansen – Account Manager at Lamb Weston

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