100% all-natural quality ingredients

Top-quality potatoes!

Our McDo chips are made with top-quality potatoes from Belgian, Dutch, and Northern French potato growers, with whom our supplier has been working hand in glove for many years. The chips are renowned the world over for their perfect shape and golden colour.

Irresistibly tasty lettuce!

Every day, dozens of trucks of fresh vegetables arrive at our supplier's facility. The lettuce is hand-checked before it is cut, washed in ice water, and packaged straightaway. That way, the lettuce is nice and crisp when it's delivered to our restaurants.

Some sun for your taste buds!

Be it winter or summer, our supplier collaborates with reliable growers. To ensure our tomato slices are always of optimum quality, we have to factor in many aspects, such as the type of tomatoes, the selection and growing process, the transport conditions, quality controls, preparation, packaging, etc.

The absolute best onions!

The onions we use come from Dutch growers, primarily in Zeeland and Flevoland. As soon as they're harvested, a real race to be the best begins! In addition, they're subject to specific requirements with regard to size and colour.

Delicious Belgian buns!

Our buns consist mainly of flour, water, yeast, and a dash of salt. We do not add any preservatives. For years, we've been working with exceptionally reliable partners who supply us with high-quality products. Our buns are baked in our modern bakery in Olen.

Sustainable fish!

Our fish burgers, the Filet-O-Fish® and the Royal-O-Fish, have been awarded the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) sustainability certification. The MSC certification guarantees our fish comes from sustainable stocks and that its origins can be traced.

The tastiest chicken!

Our chickens are fed quality feed so that we can serve the best quality to you. For some products, the white chicken meat is mixed with other ingredients: water, potato starch, colza oil, and salt.

Delicious milk and cream

The dairy supplier McDonald's collaborates with uses only milk and cream from its own dairy farmers. Their products, which meet the most stringent quality requirements, are prepared with the utmost care at their facility in Lummen, Limburg. Our ice cream, Sundae toppings, milkshakes, and syrups do not contain preservatives, colouring agents, or artificial flavouring agents.

Seasonal if possible, but always fresh fruit!

The fruit in McDonald's restaurants varies year-round in order to offer as much seasonal fruit as possible.

The vegetables

"100% all-natural. Our lettuce is cut, washed, packaged, and delivered crisp and fresh to the McDonald's restaurants. We've been delivering freshly cut lettuce to McDonald's Belgium for more than 20 years and we're proud of that."

Tamara Buikhuizen – Account Manager at HESSING.

The bread

"Additives? No—just passion, dedication, and an eye for quality. That's what our people enthusiastically add to McDonald's buns."

Brett Alvheim – Vice President / Managing Director Guenther Bakeries Europe at Guenther Bakeries Belgium

The ice cream and milkshakes

"The McDonald's Belgium ice cream and milkshakes are made using our pure quality milk and cream. Without any preservatives, colouring agents, or artificial flavouring agents. The cream of the crop!”

Christophe Vervenne – International Account Manager QSR

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