Our beef

100% beef!

Our hamburger patties are made using 100% beef, meticulously selected by our supplier. The cattle come from Ireland or the Netherlands. We mostly use cuts from the forequarter, because of their delicious flavour.

From which part of the cow is the beef cut?

The beef we use for our hamburger patties is mainly cut from the forequarter. By using these cuts, we achieve a natural fat content allowing us to grill the burgers without having to add any fat.

Beef: nothing more, nothing less

The beef is delivered to our supplier by way of an unbroken cold chain. It undergoes strict food safety control procedures. Then they are ground and shaped into hamburger patties, without any additives. The hamburger patties are then frozen, carefully packaged, and transported by refrigerated truck to the restaurants, where they are immediately stored in the freezer.

How can you be sure of the meat's quality?

Our hamburger patty supplier only sources meat from slaughterhouses and cutting plants approved in compliance with strict specifications. All cuts of meat who pass the quality controls according to the rigorous McDonald's specifications, are accepted on delivery to our supplier who makes the hamburger patties.

Deliciously grilled

All our burger patties are grilled without adding any extra fat. We use two-sided grilling so we can cook both sides of the patty at the same time. As soon as they are sufficiently grilled, we season them with a dash of salt and pepper.

In under 6 hours, our supplier can fully trace the journey a hamburger patty has made. Every batch of meat can be identified by a number that's linked to the abattoirs, the animals, and the farms.

The meat

"The hamburger patties we deliver to McDonald's Belgium are 100% all-beef and contain no preservatives or colouring agents. We mainly use beef from the forequarter. This is checked meticulously to ensure compliance with the most stringent regulations."

Grégory Blin – General Manager of MoyPark Orleans


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