Stronger Than Corona

Let's join forces to be stronger than corona!

The coronavirus makes our daily lives quiet challenging. But it’s precisely that what makes the uniqueness in each of us stand out. The demonstrations of strength, creativity, solidarity and perseverance we see around us are impressive. And everything we learn today will make us stronger in the future. In these testing times, any encouragement is more than welcome. That’s why we make a warm call to share as many stories as possible that show how resilient we are. An excellent way to inspire and motivate each other. That's the force that moves us forward. Share your inspiring stories and pass on your strength to others on and #SterkerDanCorona #PlusFortQueLeCorona

Let’s spread our strength. Not the virus.

The virus has shaken up our lives. But at the same time, it has brought us closer to each other. Never before did we feel so connected. That’s our strength. Because what we need to climb out of the deep valley, is solidarity. If we put our shoulders to the wheel and motivate each other, we will work it out. That's the force of a society like ours. That’s why we ask to massively share stories that prove how resilient we are. That’s how we inspire each other. That’s how we stimulate the fighting spirit and belief in each other. And that's what keeps us going. #SterkerDanCorona #PlusFortQueLeCorona

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