Brutal Brutus: incredibly tasty, terribly wild

Are your looking for a strong-headed burger full of surprises? Bursting with taste and deliriously delicious beef?

Say hello to Brutal Brutus! This mighty burger consists of 2 hefty chunks of pure beef, a slice of crafty crispy bacon and smoothly melting cheddar. The whole is finished off with perky pickles, fresh lettuce, and a savoury mustard-pickle sauce. A Maestro in its own right!

And of course, like every bad boy, he’s accompanied by his partner in crime! Entering Cheese & Bacon McFlavor® Fries. These crunchy fries, generously topped with melted cheese and diced bacon, are the perfect match for our boisterous burger. Groar!

Can’t you wait to get your teeth in these tempting treats? Hurry to your McDonald’s®!

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